Moving of my arowana tank.. Part 1

Allo everyone…
I am about to do something which I have been putting off for 2-3 months now. Actually I’m doing this more because my wife got a feng shui master to look at our house and told us that my arowana tank CANNOT BE where it is now! It is supposedly causing our ‘wealth’ to drain away from us! Ok ok.. this is a discussion topic for another forum on feng shui and I shall not go into it! icon smile Moving of my arowana tank.. Part 1

Anyway, what to do? …have to make my wife happy.. As the saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry… anyway we have spent the money to get advise from the master right? Better make the money’s worth!

Anyway, I have called the people who built my 5 foot tank to help me with this exercise. Since I am already committed to moving my tank, I have decided that I do not want to put substrates (for me, I am using small stones) at the bottom anymore. For the past three years, it has been a pain cleaning the stones at the bottom. Believe me, it can be really dirty. As you know, the only reason I put substrates is because I wanted to prevent my arowana from seeing it’s own reflections and potentially getting droopy eyes.

Anyway, I will be sticking a black piece of material at the bottom of the tank to prevent reflection. No more substrates will mean easier cleaning for me… Yes it will be a bare tank from now on! Oosh!

I am also thinking of replacing my red arowana with cross backs. I am thinking of either 3 or 5 baby ones. Will decide in a few weeks time on what I want. I will be taking my red arowana to the farm in the next day or two.

Ok stay tuned as I’ll be back with Part 2 & 3 & 4 & …!

arosept07 Moving of my arowana tank.. Part 1
Have a last look at my red before I move it to farm

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  1. Tony Panelo says:

    It’s nice to hear from you again, my friend! Thank you for all your tips concerning arowana care. Warmest regards.

  2. Vipul Hajela says:

    Hey Steven,

    Good to hear from you man. All the best for the New Location.

    Read all your articles , thanks for all the tips

    Take care


  3. kartik says:

    i want an black arowana and it has to be cheaper in price

  4. KG Shankar says:

    Dear Steven,
    having been through the websites for Arowana, I opted to keep my Arowana tank free of any substrates. Then being a science student, I on my own put black baper at the base of the tank to avoid droppy eyes to my dear Arowana.

    I did have problems shifting the six X two X two feet tank from the wall for painting the wall.

    I will appreciate Steven, if you can throw some light on the Feng Shui as regards Arowana, because I bought it for that purpose only, but do not know where to place it.

    Nice tio hear from you after a long time.

    Bye ! Steven. Do let me know if shifting the tank has made any difference. I do know, wonders cannot happen overnight.

  5. Steven says:

    You will have to find out the prices in your respective country as it varies from country to country..


  6. Steven says:

    You did that all yourself? You da man! Ok ok I admit i’m too lazy to do it myelf… :-)

    As for your feng shui question, it is hard to say as it depends on your house layout. I am no expert but I have written an ebook on fish and feng shui which I will launch soon. Will keep you updated..


  7. OON LAYENG says:



  8. Junior Ong says:

    Hey Steven,
    Since u touch something about FengShui just wonder where is the best location to put the Arowana. From some practise even been told that should not keep silver or green arowana. They are for releasing purpose(like release birds for Buddhist practise).
    I am planning to get an Arowana and put it in the middle of my living room just to seperate the main door and also as an partition beside my cusion.

  9. Steven says:

    When you buy the anti-chlorine, there should be measurement info given with the box. Use that as gauge. But personally, I never use it.. As long as you do not change more that 1/4 tank, you really do not need it.


  10. Steven says:

    I am no feng shui expert and you should consult a feng shui expert or maybe get a Lilian Too book. :-) As I mentioned earlier, I am launching a ‘water,fish & feng shui’ ebook soon but it just gives a summary of how the 3 relates together and is not meant to advise you. The best is to seek expert advise.


  11. Jiji says:

    Hi! Steven,

    It’s nice to hear from you again. You should get back your red one as “old is gold”. We recently did our shifting of arowanas. If you can tell us the direction for keeping a fish tank it will be useful for all your readers.

    Thanking you and Good day.

  12. Steven says:

    I cannot tell you which direction your tank should be as it depends on your house’s orientation. If you are really into feng shui, then the direction where the water feature is also depends on your birthdate, etc.. As I mentioned, please consult a feng shui master or maybe get a book to read up on. I am definitely not the person who can give advise on this. :-(


  13. oeun vuthyda says:

    hi, steven i just want to knoe how to take care arowana, this is my first arowana. i know it hard to take care arowana, please get back to me thanks you

  14. oeun vuthyda says:

    i have pearl arowana

  15. Md. Nasron says:

    I just bought my first arowana wich is Indonesian Golden High Back about 3inch last month. I put geoliquid and its doing well for about 4 days. But after I put miracle leaf my arowana stop eating. I notice there’s a white spot at the tail and body. The next day sadly my first arowana died. Is it because of the miracle leaf or the Geoliquid?. Now I got a new baby and learn the hard way.

  16. Steven says:

    I think it is something to do with your water. When was the last time you change your water? I believe that the miracle leaf is just ketapang leaves which is ok for arowanas. As for geoliquid, I have not personally used them but I am doubtful that they could be the cause of the problem as well.


  17. chay says:


    my husband have an arowna xback fish, he have put the tank in the formal living room right next to the front of his phillapeno friend came in and he believe that it was the wrong place to put the tank,He believe that it drain your wealth. Where should we put it?

  18. Steven says:

    It’s better that you consult a fengshui master. I’m no expert in it but where to put it also depends on your house’s orientation, what you or your husband lucky areas are, etc… ;-)
    But 2 places I was told that you should never put it is in the kitchen or bedroom.


  19. ajay says:

    i have sliver arowana

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  21. Hugh Viator says:

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  23. Steven says:

    Google for ‘arowana’ and you will find plenty of sites. ;-)


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